Box Office: ‘Fast & Furious 6’ Reigns Again; ‘After Earth’ Disappoints

By Will Ashton


For the second week in a row, Fast & Furious 6 tops the weekend box office with $34.5 million. A 65% drop from last week’s record-breaking $96.8 million on its Memorial Day weekend opening, the film has earned a total of $170.3 million domestically. It has officially earned back its $160 million budget.

On the down side, After Earth, hoping to pull in a $35-$40 million opening, came in third place with $27 million. With a reported budget of $130 million, it’s looking as though this may be a disappointing write-off for Fox. It was bested by the other big release of this weekend, Now You See Me, which earned a surprising $28 million, putting it in second place. It’s yet to be determined whether it will make back its $75 million budget, but this is a solid start for the film.

Epic and Star Trek Into Darkness tied for fourth place this weekend, both earning $16.4 million. Epic has now earned $65.1 million to its $100 million budget and Star Trek has earned $181.1 million to its $190 million budget. The Hangover Part III dropped from second last week to sixth this week, earning $15.9 million, gaining $88 million of its $103 million budget.

Now You See Me’s success should come to a surprise for those who follow the box office regularly, as magic films, from Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige to this year’s The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, have been known for their inability to gain financial success. But, the big question this weekend is ,with After Earth‘s results, does this mean that Will Smith’s star power is officially dwindling? We’ll have to see if this was a fluke or not for the man once called “The King of Summer.”

Next week, the comedy The Internship and the horror film The Purge are set to be released, along with Joss Whedon’s Shakespeare adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. Will Fast & Furious 6 rule for three weeks in a row, or will it be upset by one of these releases? One thing is for sure, though. There’s no way it’s going to top Man of Steel in two weeks.

Box office results can be found below:

1.   Fast & Furious 6 $34,540,000 $170.3
2.   Now You See Me $28,050,000 $28
3.   After Earth $27,000,000 $27
4.   Epic $16,400,000 $65.1
5.   Star Trek Into Darkness $16,400,000 $181.1
6.   The Hangover Part III $15,930,000 $88
7.   Iron Man 3 $8,006,000 $384.7
8.   The Great Gatsby $6,265,000 $128.2

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