Could Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg Re-Team for ‘Thank You For Your Service’?

By Will Ashton


After winning an Oscar and, well, almost winning an Oscar this year with their biography of Abraham Lincoln, it looks as though Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg may be getting back in another attempt to sweep every award they can.

Jason Hall is currently scripting Spielberg’s next film, American Sniper, set to star, and be produced by, Bradley Cooper. But, according to Deadline, Hall is also in early talks to write a script based on the book Thank You For Your Service by David Finkel. Examining the profound after effects of war on men and women in the armed services, most specifically Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), apparently the project is “something Spielberg likes” as a follow-up to American Sniper.

Most interesting of all, however, is that he is interested in re-teaming with Daniel Day-Lewis for the project.

It should be noted that Spielberg likes to develop a lot of different projects at a time, whether as a director or a producer, so this news should be taken with a little grain of salt. We do know for sure that American Sniper is his next project, but he is also still mulling around the possibility of working on Robopocalypse in the future.

If Spielberg, and Day-Lewis, decide to make this project, however, this currently sounds like a project to look out for. This could possibly even be a return to R-rated Spielberg, who made films like Saving Private Ryan and Munich. We’ll have to see.


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