Box Office: ‘The Purge’ Pulls Surprise Win over ‘The Internship’

By Will Ashton


While people expected the other big film release, The Internship, to top the box office this weekend, the low-budget horror movie The Purge pulled a surprise upset with a gross of $36.3 million. With a budget of just $3 million, which was already earned by its $16.7 million Friday opening, the film is easily considered one of the biggest surprise hits of the summer.

As for The Internship, the film came in fourth place with a $18.1 million. With a budget of $58 million, it is going to have an upscale fight to earn that money back. But considering the quality of the film, perhaps this is for the best.

Fast and Furious 6, the #1 film for the past two weeks, came in second, grossing $19.7 million over the weekend, breaking $202.9 million domestically. Now You See Me opened in third with $19.5 million, making $61.3 million of its $75 million budget.

After Earth, after opening in third last week, came in seventh place this week with $11.2 million. Having now earned $46.5 million, the prospect of earning $130 million, at least domestically, seems grim.

Two other notable crossings this week were The Hangover Part III crossing $100 million this week at eighth place and Star Trek Into Darkness crossing $200 million in sixth place. Additionally, Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing had the best per theater average of any film this week, averaging $37,000 per theater. Having opened in five theaters this week, the film earned $185,000.

The full box office results can be seen below.

As Man of Steel opens next week, the question now remains not if it will top the box office, but how much it is going to make. As This is the End also opens this Wednesday, along with the limited releases of The Bling Ring and Stuck in Love, I’m curious how the R-rated comedy will fare, especially considering that it is actually good. We’ll have to see next week.

1.  The Purge $36,400,000 $36.4
2.  Fast & Furious 6 $19,800,000 $202.9
3.  Now You See Me $19,500,000 $61.3
4.  The Internship $18,100,000 $18.1
5.  Epic $12,100,000 $84.1
6.  Star Trek Into Darkness $11,700,000 $200.1
7.  After Earth $11,200,000 $46.5
8.  The Hangover III $7,380,000 $102.3
9.  Iron Man 3 $5,787,000 $394.3
10.  The Great Gatsby $4,230,000 $136.1

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