Apparently, Darren Aronofsky Almost Directed ‘Man of Steel’

By Will Ashton


I have spent a majority of my time this week, in relation to this blog, writing about Man of Steel, so why stop now? While we have known that director Darren Aronofsky has tried to dip in his toes in superhero movies before, as he almost helmed both an adaptation of Batman and the upcoming The Wolverine, but apparently he was also in the running to direct this week’s Man of Steel.

According to a brief note in The Hollywood Reporter, but pointed out by The Playlist, Aronofsky was one of the directors up for the job, but due to director Zack Snyder’s history with Warner Bros., and producer Christopher Nolan’s recommendation, Snyder ended up winning the part.

Here’s the quote from The Hollywood Reporter:

“Over at Warner Bros., studio chief Jeff Robinov’s fierce loyalty to director Zack Snyder is being tested June 14 with the $225 million Man of Steel. The relationship dates to the 2007 hit 300, even though Snyder’s three subsequent Warners films – WatchmenLegend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and Sucker Punch – disappointed. However, while giving him Man of Steel (over the other finalist, Darren Aronofsky), Robinov took out insurance with producer Christopher Nolan, the studio’s most important filmmaker (Batman, Inception). “Chris had the confidence in Zack, and based on the movie I’ve seen, Chris was spot-on,” says Warners president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman.”


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