Box Office: ‘Monsters University’ Scares Up Big Bucks; ‘World War Z’ Pulls in Surprising Numbers

By Will Ashton


People may say that Pixar is in a creative slump, but their films are still making a killing. Their latest, Monsters University, has earned $82 million on its opening weekend. But the Mouse House isn’t the only studio celebrating this weekend, as the Brad Pitt-produced World War Z also pulled in a surprisingly strong opening of $66 million.

Monsters University has become the second-highest debut for a Pixar movie ever—number one being Toy Story 3— and is the fifth-highest June debut of all time.

While World War Z is one of the few occasions where people are surprised that the film didn’t bomb. People were ready to place the zombie flick right next to the likes of other big budget flops of late like John Carter, Battleship and Jack the Giant Slayer, but the film has now become Pitt’s highest opening ever. The previous highest opening for the star was Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the movie that, infamously, set up his relationship to co-star Angelina Jolie.

While this is a strong start for the film, it is yet to be determined whether or not the film will be able to make back its $200 million+ budget.

Meanwhile, Man of Steel, while suffering a 64% drop, was able to break the $200 million mold this weekend, with its $41 million gross making the film earn $210 million domestically thus far. The film is on its way to earn back its $225 million budget.

Coming up next week are the releases of White House Down and The Heat (review coming soon). I’m curious to see how these two films fare, particularly in light of White House Down‘s doppelganger, Olympus Has Fallen, having been released only a few months ago. Will this be another Deep Impact/Armageddon situation? We’ll have to see.

Check out the full box office below:

1.  Monsters University $82,000,000 $82
2.  World War Z $66,000,000 $66
3.  Man of Steel $41,215,000 $210
4.  This Is The End $13,000,000 $57.7
5.  Now You See Me $7,870,000 $94.4
6.  Fast & Furious 6 $4,725,000 $228.4
7.  The Internship $3,425,000 $38.3
8.  The Purge $3,412,000 $59.4
9  Star Trek Into Darkness $3,000,000 $216.6
10.  Iron Man 3 $2,175,000 $403.1

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