Box Office: ‘Monsters University’ Stays Strong, ‘The Heat’ Enlightes, ‘White House Down’ Stays Low

By Will Ashton


While last week’s champion, Monsters University, remains on top with $46.1 million, that doesn’t mean that that it was the only success of the weekend.

The Heat was able to open strong this week with a $40 million opening. The comedy, which was director Paul Feig’s follow-up to Bridesmaids, was able to almost double the $26.2 million opening the later film received. If The Heat will be able to receive Bridesmaids‘ $169 million US domestic total will have to be determined in the later weeks.

This wasn’t a happy weekend for everyone, though, as Roland Emmerich’s White House Down underperformed in its opening weekend. The action-thriller was only able to receive $25.7 million in its 3,222 screenings. For a film with a price tag of somewhere in the $150 million region, this is a hard blow.

Next week will be a big one, as the fourth of July weekend will see Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger fighting for the glory. While it seems inevitable that Despicable Me 2 will come on top, I’m curious to see what becomes of The Lone Ranger. Some are predicting a John Carter-level flop for the film. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but we’ll know soon enough.

The full box office can be seen below:

1.  Monsters University $46,180,000 $171
2.  The Heat $40,000,000 $40
3.  World War Z $29,800,000 $123.7
4.  White House Down $25,700,000 $25.7
5.  Man of Steel $20,820,000 $248.6
6.  This Is The End $8,700,000 $74.6
7.  Now You See Me $5,500,000 $104.6
8.  Fast & Furious 6 $2,410,000 $233.3
9.  Star Trek Into Darkness $2,040,000 $220.5
10.  The Internship $1,425,000 $41.7

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