The Best and Worst Movies of 2013, So Far

By Will Ashton


This has been a pretty up-and-down year at the movies so far. There have been some truly wonderful movies that have come out (in my opinion, of course), but there have also been some truly terrible ones as well. Although we are only half way, there’s already been enough in each field to look back and start preparing for the end of the year. I can’t be certain, but I have a feeling that some of these are not going to fall far from their list, for better or for worse.

Based on the 47 movies that I have seen from 2013 so far.

The Best (So Far)

Honorable mentions: Star Trek Into Darkness, Side Effects, Night Across the Street

10. This is the End

9. Evil Dead

8. The Croods

7. The Exquisite Corpse Project

6. Upstream Color

5. An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

4. Mud

3. The Place Beyond the Pines

2. Man of Steel

1. Before Midnight

The Worst (So Far)

Honorable mentions: The Internship

10. The Hangover Part III

9. A Haunted House

8. The Heat

7. Parker

6. Movie 43

5. Texas Chainsaw

4. Escape From Planet Earth

3. Safe Haven

2. A Good Day to Die Hard

1. Foodfight!


2 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Movies of 2013, So Far

    • Haha, thanks Amanda! Sorry for the late reply. Even though it’s only been about a month, I can say, with absolutely certainty, that there have been some more films added to that list.

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