‘Despicable Me 2’ Dominates 4th of July Weekend; ‘The Lone Ranger’ Trails Behind

By Will Ashton


There is no denying that people love those minions. The holiday weekend found the animated sequel Despicable Me 2 in a clear lead with $82.5 million, making it earn $142.1 million in the five days it has been released.

This total makes Despicable Me 2 the third highest July 4th weekend debut ever, trailing behind Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($97.8 million) and Spider-Man 2 ($88.1 million). The sequel also became one of the top five animated debuts of all time, placing behind one of its rivals, Monsters University.

This means that Despicable Me 2 will be one of the biggest hits of the summer 2013 movie season, and considering that the film only had a budget of $76 million, this is a big success for the studios. The first Despicable Me, released back in 2010, was a surprise hit for Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment when it opened to $56.4 million, so its sequel’s success was no big surprise.

But not everyone is happy this weekend, as The Lone Ranger was only able to score $29.4 million. While the film has been able to make $48.9 million thus far, considering the film’s $215-$250 million budget, it’s a hard blow. Comparisons have been made thus far to flops like Wild Wild West and Cowboys and Aliens, and the film wasn’t even able to make the $38 million that the last Johnny Depp/Gore Verbinski western, Rango, was able to earn in its opening weekend.

Despicable Me 2 wasn’t the only success for star Steve Carrell, as his other film, The Way Way Back, was able to take in $575,000 in its limited release of 19 theaters over the weekend. The other success of the weekend is Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, which was able to earn $17.5 million in just 876 theaters.

Next week will see the releases of Pacific Rim (review coming soon) and Grown Ups 2. They are both pretty high-profile projects, but will either of these films be able to shake Despicable Me 2 off of its throne? We’ll have to see.

Check out the full box office below:

1.  Despicable Me 2 $82,500,000 $142.1
2.  The Lone Ranger $29,430,000 $48.9
3.  The Heat $25,000,000 $86.3
4.  Monsters University $19,590,000 $216.1
5.  World War Z $18,200,000 $158.7
6.  White House Down $13,500,000 $50.4
7.  Man of Steel $11,415,000 $271.2
8.  Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain $10,100,000 $17.4
9.  This Is The End $5,800,000 $85.5
10.  Now You See Me $2,770,000 $110.4

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