‘Despicable Me 2’ Continues its Reign at the Box Office; ‘Grown Ups 2’ Knocks Out ‘Pacific Rim’

By Will Ashton


For a second weekend in a row, Despicable Me 2 is the king of the box office. But that’s not the big story here. It’s has been a hot debate about whether Grown Ups 2 or Pacific Rim would be the hot-shot new star of the weekend, and now it’s official: Grown Ups 2 has beaten Pacific Rim.

While Despicable Me 2 came in first place with $44.7 million, the Adam Sandler-sequel, his first ever, was able to earn a close $42.5 million in its opening weekend. Grown Ups 2 is Adam Sandler’s second best opening to date, behind The Longest Yard‘s $47.6 million. It was also able to gain $2 million more than its original’s opening debut.

Following in third is the Guillermo del Toro-helmed Pacific Rim with $38.3 million. While the film was able to do pretty well overseas, where it earned $53 million, it has a good ways to go to earn back its $190 million budget. It’s no Lone Ranger, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up on that sequel they have been proposing just yet.

Speaking of The Lone Ranger, it dropped to fifth place this weekend, earning $11.1 million. With a grand total of $71.1 million domestically so far, things are still not looking so good for the action/western.

In the limited release world, the much-acclaimed Fruitvale Station was able to get a whopping $377,000 in just seven theaters over the weekend. Additionally, expanding into 79 theaters, The Way Way Back was able to pull in $1.1 million this weekend as well.

Next weekend is looking pretty big, with the releases of Turbo on Wednesday (review coming soon), along with Red 2 (review coming soon), R.I.P.D., The Conjuring, Only God Forgives and Girl Most Likely over the weekend. I’ll be interested to see who takes away the gold next weekend. My guess would be that Turbo is going to take in the family audiences, as they will likely have already seen Despicable Me 2 and/or Monsters University, but there’s a solid chance that The Conjuring, or even Red 2, will be taking home the bacon. We’ll have to see next week.

Check out the full box office below.

1.  Despicable Me 2 $44,754,000 $229.2
2.  Grown Ups 2 $42,500,000 $42.5
3.  Pacific Rim $38,300,000 $38.3
4.  The Heat $14,000,000 $112.3
5.  The Lone Ranger $11,140,000 $71.1
6.  Monsters University $10,621,000 $237.7
7.  World War Z $9,430,000 $177
8.  White House Down $6,150,000 $62.9
9.  Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain $5,000,000 $26.3
10.  Man of Steel $4,825,000 $280.9

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