‘Paranormal Activity 5’ May Be Pushed to January 2014

By Will Ashton


Ever since the first Paranormal Activity movie, the series has been keeping up with their habit of releasing one film around Halloween every year. But we haven’t heard anything about the newest film yet, and it appears that Paramount may be pushing the film to January 2014.

According to The Wrap, the movie has been shot, and even tested, but states that multiple sources close to the project are talking about moving the picture to the beginning of next year. No Paramount representatives have confirmed this, however.

Paranormal Activity 4 was the lowest grossing film in the franchise yet, but that doesn’t really mean much when the films only cost a couple million, at most, to make. There has been talk of a sequel and a Latino spin-off, but it’s possible that the two films have been combined.

Given that the last film was easily considered the worst in the series, it may not be much of a lost this Halloween. But The Wrap reports that the new movie has, apparently, been testing well, so maybe we should be more hopeful about this installment. But has a January release date push ever been a good thing?


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