Comic-Con Showed a Surprise Trailer For…….

By Will Ashton


It started with a shot of an open, alien-looking desert, where a human warrior stands alone. Drinking the last water from a skein, he drops it on the ground. He then draws a grand sword and begins to examine the bones of a lost solider. He finds and picks up a fancy looking sword.

He circles around, only to find himself against an unseen enemy. The enemy in question is revealed to be an orc holding a giant battle axe.

The two continue to circle around each other. Then, the two charge forward, screaming at each other, and the final shot is a orc leaping in the air, bringing down his axe. It cuts to black.

Then the title card comes up, and it reads: Warcraft.

With that, Legendary Pictures gives the biggest surprise of Comic-Con thus far. Following this teaser, Thomas Tull, Legendary Pictures Founder and CEO, comes on stage to introduce director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code). As Jones comes to the stage, he begins to confess his love for the video game World of Warcraft, and is glad that he played the game before making the movie. Because, had it been the other way around, he would never get around to making the movie, as the game is so addicting.

Jones finished the panel by announcing that filming will begin in early 2014. This news comes from Collider.


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