Is a Woody Allen/Louis C.K. Buddy Movie in the Works?

By Will Ashton


Two of my favorite people in comedy right now, Woody Allen and Louis C.K., have already teamed up for Allen’s latest film, Blue Jasmine, coming out this Friday. But, is this the start of a beautiful cinematic friendship.

In an interview with The New York Times while promoting Blue Jasmine, Allen explained how he came about casting C.K. in his new movie. He never heard of the comedian until he was shown a clip for a short video C.K. made called “Last Chance,” which Louis C.K. made to promote his show on FX several years ago.  The strength of that video was enough for Allen to cast him in his movie.

Once he was done with Blue Jasmine, Allen began to think to himself what he should do next. And one thought that came to mind was to write a movie to star in with C.K.

From the interview:

“When I finished this picture, I went into my room and thought, What would be a fun picture? My first thought for a while was, Can I come up with something at the moment that I could do with Louis C.K.? But I wasn’t able to get the right idea, and time was starting to move.”

In addition to this, C.K. has also seemed to inspired Allen to “toy” with the idea to return to stand up comedy. Currently, Allen is working on his next film, an untitled comedy, which is starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth, and is also working on a musical adaptation of Bullets Over Broadway with Zach Braff. But, is it possible for a Woody Allen/Louis C.K. movie to be next? We’ll have to see. But, hopefully, it is.

C.K. has been very open in the past about his admiration towards the filmmaker, and anyone who watches Louie can clearly see it. So, hopefully this is a project that will come together. C.K. also talked to Vulture and admitted that Allen came to him with the idea of making a movie together back when they were working on Blue Jasmine, and hoped to make it this summer. The only problem, however, was that Allen didn’t have an idea for what to do. C.K. admits that he would love to make a movie with him.


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