‘The Butterfly Effect’ is Getting a Reboot

By Will Ashton


Remember last week when everyone was around the water cooler wondering when they were going to reboot the Ashton Kutcher film The Butterfly Effect?

Me neither. But apparently, somebody was clamoring for a retelling of this nine-year-old film, and so there’s going to be one.

Eric Bress, who co-wrote and co-directed the original, is writing the script, while producers Anthony Rhulen, A.J. Dix, Chris Bender and JC Spin are returning as well.

I hate to be cynical about these type of things, but honestly I can’t see any reason why anyone would do this other than for financial reasons. The first movie was able to get almost a $100 million domestically from a $13 million production, and there have to two direct-to-DVD sequels as well.


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