Lois Lane Will Know Clark Kent is Superman in Next ‘Man of Steel’ Movie

By Will Ashton


Spoilers for Man of Steel below.

Anybody who saw the ending of Man of Steel, where Lois Lane says to a recently employed Clark Kent, “Welcome to the Planet Clark,” could guess that she would at least have a clue that he is also Superman. And, thankfully, the creative heads in charge of the next movie are not going to play her dumb either.

In a recent interview with io9, actor Harvey Cavill revealed that the female reporter is going to know about Clark’s real identity in the upcoming Superman movie, which will either be titled Batman vs. Superman, Superman vs. Batman or simply Man of Steel 2, if any of those:

“I think it’s essential [Lois know Clark is Superman] because if we’re trying to base it in reality, there’s no way that Lois has these direct interactions with Superman, and then doesn’t recognize Clark sitting next to her in the office. If she falls in love with Superman, and she’s ignoring a guy who looks just like Superman, behaves just like him, and has the same kind of mannerisms and behavior, then what does that say about Lois? I like this relationship. She saves him just as much as he saves her.”

Personally, I think this is great news. While some fans were not happy with how Man of Steel strained away from the comics, I felt the new Superman movie was a great re-imaging of the beloved superhero. I’m glad that the new movie isn’t going to make Lois oblivious this time around, and I very much look forward to how the new film will continue to play with Superman’s mythology.


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