Sony Releasing a Two Hour Behind-the-Scenes Documentary for ‘Breaking Bad’

By Will Ashton


In less than a month, we’ll begin seeing the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad.

Widely considered the best show on television, the end of this show is one of high anticipation and of high dread. We’re not 100% sure that show creator Vince Gilligan and the gang will be able to stick this landing. But, given the quality of the past 54 episodes, it’s safe to predict that they’ll be able to make it out as strong.

And in an effort to look back on the impressive feat the show is, Sony will be releasing a two hour documentary of the show, allowing fans to go behind-the-scenes with the series and see how the show became what it is today.

During the Television Critics Association summer press tour panel this week, Gilligan said that the documentary will likely be released as an exclusive extra on the full series DVD/Blu-Ray set of the show. It was put together by Stu Richardson, who has worked on the previous DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

The show will consist of material from the fifth season, along with archive footage from Sony. It will even include the moment that actors Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston read the final script together, according to Cranston.

Gilligan has seen the documentary, and has said that, “He has really outdone himself. It has lots and lots and lots of behind-the-scenes material, and it is really good!”

It’ll be a little bit of time before fans will be able to see the documentary. No release date has been set for the box set. Breaking Bad will begin airing the final eight episodes on August 11.


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