The CW Developing a ‘Flash’ Series

By Will Ashton


They have already found success in bringing Superman and Green Arrow to the small screen, with Smallville and Arrow, respectively. Now, DC and the CW are going to bring another superhero to TV. This time, it’s the Flash.

Deadline reports that there’s a Flash show in the works. The plan is likely to involve an introduction of the Flash on an upcoming episode of Arrow. Afterwards, he’ll get his own series.

Arrow co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg will be writing the show with Geoff Johns. David Nutter is expected to direct the pilot, who also directed the Arrow pilot. The show is expected to get a formal announcement today at a TCA presentation. Berlanti and Kreisberg are expected to be announced as the showrunners as well.

In light of the recent news of an upcoming Flash movie being planned for 2016, it’ll be interesting to see how these will be related, if at all. Best guess would be that they won’t be, much like Smallville and Superman Returns were not connected.

Deadline also reported that a pilot script for Wonder Woman has been written and delivered, but no progress has been made on this show. Seriously, what’s DC has against making a movie/show about Wonder Woman?


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