Watch the Fantastic Teaser Trailer for the Final Episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’, Along With Some Early Reviews

By Will Ashton


The wait for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad is getting harder and harder with each passing day.

And, it doesn’t help that today, they not only released an excellent teaser trailer for the last episodes, but the critics also unleashed their opinions on the first of the eight episodes left in the season.

This teaser trailer goes right up there with the first teaser for Gravity as the best trailer that I have seen this year. Much like any great trailer should do, it says very little, but it tells you exactly what you need to know.

Check it out:

Also, The Playlist complied a list of early reviews for the upcoming first episode, airing August 11, and they all are in agreement that the show, at least the first episode, remains downright fantastic.

The Hollywood Reporter said that, “(T)he return episode is riveting from start to finish — with the use of another flash-forward that also kicked off this final season — and it concludes with an extended scene that is written, acted and shot with the kind of magnificence that is at the heart of why the series is so exalted.” Meanwhile, The Wrap states that, “It’s as good as it’s ever been. As good as any TV show has ever been.”

Head over to The Playlist to read more early reviews.


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