There May Be a ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel After All

By Will Ashton


If you read my weekly box office posts—which, most likely, you don’t (I don’t blame you)—you’d know that Pacific Rim hasn’t been doing too well over here in America.

The Guillermo Del Toro picture has only gained $87.3 million from its $190 million budget domestically. While it still has some time to gain a bit of its money back, the prospect of a sequel seemed pretty unlikely. But fans of the sci-fi film may have found a saving grace, in the form of international box office. Now, the sequel may actually be a little more likely than it was before.

Pacific Rim just opened in China, and it earned a record-making $9 million. Additionally, the movie has been able to pull in $150 million overseas, which makes the prospect of a sequel a little more possible than it was before. Deadline is reporting that “momentum is building” for the movie based on its strong Chinese opening.

The movie will be hitting Spain, Brazil and Japan next week, so we’ll have to see if it continues to do well overseas. It’s not a complete given that a sequel will be made, but this news makes it more likely than it was before. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Pacific Rim, but I didn’t hate it either. I would rather del Toro do something else with his talents and time, but if he decides to make another Pacific Rim, you can bet that I’ll probably be there to see it.

It’s also interesting to note that Legendary Pictures owns most of the rights to Pacific Rim, and they recently moved away from Warner Bros. to Universal Studios. Should a sequel get made, it would have to be made either by Universal or in a three way system between Universal, Warner Bros. and Legendary Studios.


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