Christopher McQuarrie to Direct ‘Mission: Impossible 5’

By Will Ashton


Academy Award-winning screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) has been in a strong working relationship with Tom Cruise since the two worked together on Valkyrie. McQuarrie just recently directed Cruise in last year’s Jack Reacher, and helped write Cruise’s upcoming Edge of Tomorrow, and even the stalled Top Gun 2.

Since Jack Reacher‘s release, there have been rumors that McQuarrie would be involved with Mission: Impossible 5. The rumors suggest that McQuarrie would co-write the movie with Drew Pearce and/or direct the upcoming action movie for Cruise.

While the news today doesn’t completely confirm what exactly his role will be for the movie, the screenwriter confirmed today via Twitter that he will, indeed, be working on the movie. On Twitter today, McQuarrie gave a very vague tweet which read, “Mission: Accepted.”

Most people seem to believe that this tweet suggest, more than anything, that McQuarrie will be directing the new film in the franchise. We’ll have to wait for confirmation, however, before we can say for sure. While McQuarrie is still pretty inexperienced as a director, he directed a hell of a action film with Jack Reacher. So perhaps this will be good news for the series.

Update: Paramount has confirmed that McQuarrie will, indeed, be directing the fifth Mission: Impossible movie.


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