Steven Spielberg Drops Out of ‘American Sniper’, As Does DreamWorks

By Will Ashton


Steven Spielberg’s next project was going to be American Sniper, to star and be produced by Bradley Cooper. It was going to be financed by both Warner Bros. and DreamWorks Studios. But reports are now saying that Spielberg and DreamWorks have left the project.

According to Deadline, the director left the project as he felt the movie’s allotted budget was unable to line up with his vision for the film. Warner Bros. remains on the project, and are free to seek another director for the project.

The movie was set to tell the story of Chris Kyle, a Texas Navy SEAL who holds the record of the highest number of sniper kills for an American solider. At this time, Cooper is still attached to the project both as a star and as a producer.

American Sniper was set to be the director’s follow-up to last year’s Lincoln. This is the second project this year that Spielberg stopped prematurely, as his adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse was stopped early so that the director could supposedly “redevelop” the film. There is no word on what Spielberg’s next project will be at this time.

Deadline believes that Robopocalypse will “probably not be his next film and will instead come further down the line.” There were rumblings a couple months ago that Spielberg could be re-teaming with his Lincoln star Daniel Day-Lewis for the adaptation of David Finkel’s book Thank You For Your Service. This could now maybe be his next project, or he could decide to make something else entirely.  I’m sure that Spielberg won’t have trouble finding another project.


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