‘Chicken Soul for the Soul’ is Becoming a Movie, Because…. Why Not?

By Will Ashton


It seems like it’ll only be a matter of days before Hollywood buys the rights to make Everyone Poops into a movie, because the popular book series Chicken Soup for the Soul is now coming to the big screen.

Alcon Entertainment, the studio that has made movies like The Blind Side and last year’s unnecessary adaptation of another self-help book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, announced today that they have acquired the film and TV rights to the book series. They are going to finance and produce a feature film of the same title, according to the LA Times.

Alcon co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Koscove said the following in a statement today:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Chicken Soup for the Soul, the world-renowned brand that has become synonymous with inspiration and life improvement and has touched hundreds of millions of readers through the power of storytelling. The Chicken Soup for the Soul series lends itself perfectly to a fictional narrative that will inspire, entertain and intrigue.”

Brandon Camp (Dragonfly), son of Joe Camp, has been announced as the screenwriter. The film will be drawing inspiration from stories in the books, though it is not specified which stories will be adapted.

Chicken Soup for the Soul was first published 20 years ago, and since then has grown into an extremely popular book series, with over 250 titles in print and translations in over 40 languages. There’s even a line of food products, among other lines of merchandise, branded in its name.

Given its popularity, it’s not hard to see why Alcon wants to turn this series into a film. And, to be fair, this series deserves a little more merit in having a big screen adaptation then the aforementioned What to Expect When You’re Expecting. But I can’t see this being anything more than Hollywood trying to squeeze a couple bucks off of name recognition. But I’d love to be surprised.


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