Two ‘Paranormal Activity’ Movies Planned for 2014

By Will Ashton


2013 is going to be the first year since 2008 that a Paranormal Activity movie will not be released in theaters. But it appears that Paramount Studios is going to make up for it in 2014, as there will be not one, but two Paranormal Activity movies released in theaters.

While it has been known that there will be one Paranormal Activity movie released in January, it turns out that that movie will be the proposed Latino spin-off that has been hinted at since the end credits of the fourth movie. That movie will be called Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, and it will be released in theaters on January 3, 2014. The film is going to be centered on a Catholic-based investigation on the supernatural.

Along with this spin-off, however, will be Paranormal Activity 5 on October 24, 2014. No plot details or additional information has been revealed about the movie other than its release date.


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