Mel Gibson Will Play Villain in ‘The Expendables 3’; Oh Yeah, Antonio Banderas In It Too

By Will Ashton


When covering the whole Harrison Ford/Bruce Willis-in-The Expendables 3 topic some days ago, I mentioned there were rumors that Sylvester Stallone had gotten Mel Gibson to play the villain in the film. But, at that time, there had been nothing confirmed.

Yesterday, however, The Wrap revealed that Gibson is now confirmed to play the villain in the upcoming action sequel. While Stallone initially set out to have the actor direct the movie, he was able to pull him in to play the movie’s antagonist. I can only speak for myself, but this makes my interest in the film go from mildly interested to pretty stoked, if only to see the controversial actor play the part.

Along with this news, The Wrap also revealed that the movie was also able to pull in Antonio Banderas to play a character in the film. Banderas and Stallone have already worked together on the film Assassins, with a representative for Stallone quoting the actor by saying, “Antonio is a consummate actor and a gentleman.” There’s no word on what character Banderas will be playing in the film.

Gibson will next be seen playing another villain in another action sequel, Machete Kills, on October 11. Coincidentally, that’s where Banderas will next be seen as well. The Expendables 3 is set to play in theaters on August 15, 2014.


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