Box Office: ‘Elysium’ Flies Pretty High While ‘Planes’ Stays Grounded

By Will Ashton


Another week, another box office where an R-rated action film was able to best the new family-friendly movie. This week, it’s Elysium that took the top spot, earning $30.5 million.  Meanwhile, Disney’s Planes came in third place, earning $22.5 million.

While this was a crowded weekend, Elysium was still the predicted winner. But the Neill Blomkamp movie still feel a little short of the $42 million tracking that was expected for the film. This opening is also a little less than Blomkamp’s last film, District 9, which opened at $37 million back in 2009.

Meanwhile, We’re the Millers earned a surprising $26.6 million over the weekend, with a $38 million total thus far from the film’s Wednesday opening. As the film had a $37 million budget, the R-rated comedy appears to be a hit, at least at the box office.

The last new major release was Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, which opened in fourth place and earned an unspectacular $14.6 million. While the film, like the aforementioned We’re the Millers, opened on Wednesday, the film’s total so far is only $23.4 million. In comparison, the first film in the series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, opened with $31.2 million back in 2010. Given its $90 million budget, I’m not too sure if we’re going to be seeing more installments of Percy Jackson in the future.

Speaking of sequels, I curious if this box office will have any effect on the sequel, Planes: Fire & Rescue, that the studio is working right now. As the movie is set to be released next year, I guess it’s too late to halt production if this is less than exciting news. But they may just decide to push it straight-to-DVD, as the original was supposed to be in the beginning.

Next week sees the release of Kick-Ass 2, Jobs, Paranoia and The Butler (yeah, yeah, I know it’s supposed to be Lee Daniels’ The Butler, but I don’t care). Which is the say, another crop of new films hoping to gather audience’s attention. I’m not too sure who’ll end up on top next week. I guess we’ll have to find out.

Check out the full box office below:

1.  Elysium $30,500,000 $30.5
2.  We’re the Millers $26,555,000 $38
3.  Planes $22,525,000 $22.5
4.  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $14,600,000 $23.4
5.  2 Guns $11,128,000 $48.5
6.  Smurfs 2 $9,500,000 $46.6
7.  The Wolverine $8,000,000 $111.9
8.  The Conjuring $6,700,000 $120.7
9.  Despicable Me 2 $5,700,000 $338.2
10.  Grown Ups 2 $3,700,000 $123.8

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