‘C.O.G’ Trailer, Based on a Short Story by David Sedaris

By Will Ashton


David Sedaris is easily one of the best humorist writers working today.

All things considered, it’s kind of surprising that one of his books or essays haven’t been turning into a movie. There was, at one time, interest in making Me Talk Pretty One Day a movie, but obviously that didn’t end up happening. But it looks like someone has finally broken the mold and turned Sedaris’ words into a film.

C.O.G. is based on an essay from Sedaris’ book Naked, and is based on one of Sedaris’ early adventures before he became the writer he is today. The first trailer for the movie was just released, and, while it doesn’t quite have the same level of wit as his stories, it doesn’t look terrible either.

Towards the end of this trailer, I started to get a bit of a Running with Scissors vibe (the movie, that is). But, beyond that, it looks like it is a pretty funny and witty little adaptation, and I’ll look forward to checking it out when it is released.

Check out the trailer below:


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