Darren Aronofsky to Possibly Follow Up ‘Noah’ With Espionage Thriller ‘Red Sparrow’

By Will Ashton


Darren Aronofsky is easily among my favorite directors working in Hollywood today. I have seen and liked all the films he’s put together so far, and I’ll continue to enjoy all the future films he plans to make. Hopefully.

Right now, he’s working on his passion project, Noah, which is set to be released on March 28, 2014. But Aronofsky is starting to look at what to do next, and Deadline reports that he has entered talks to make an adaptation of Jason Matthews’ novel Red Sparrow. The project would be under 20th Century Fox, who bought the rights to the film earlier this year.

The book, which was published in June, is set in contemporary Russia and follows a woman whose evolving role in Russia’s intelligence organization gets her in contact with a young CIA agent.

Deadline suggests that Aronofsky was circling a George Washington project, but that hasn’t come into fruition.


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