Bradley Cooper Will Produce and (Possibly) Star as Lance Armstrong in Jay Roach’s ‘Red Blooded American’

By Will Ashton


Lance Armstrong’s story has been one of hot contention in Hollywood lately, with documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney set to release The Armstrong Lie at TIFF next month and three (!) different biopics in the making.

One is from Stephen Frears (The Queen), starring Ben Foster. Another is from Bad Robot’s J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk, who are adapting the book Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong by Juliet Macur. Then there’s Red Blooded American, from Jay Roach (Meet the Parents, Game Change).  Now, it looks like the last one will have an advantage, as Bradley Cooper has signed on the project to produce and possibly star as one of the two main characters in the film.

Deadline reports that, while Cooper was initially being considered for Bad Robot’s adaptation, he got pulled into Jay Roach’s film, which Warner Bros. is producing. Cooper is being considered to play either Armstrong or Tyler Hamilton, Armstrong’s former teammate and confidant.

It appears that Frears’ film, which will be made under Working Title, and this one are the ones that are competing against each other, with the Working Title feature being ready to shoot as early as this fall. Judging by how little word has been made with the Bad Robot film, it appears to be in last place at this time.

Cooper is going to be shooting Cameron Crowe’s newest film, which is currently untitled, in the fall in Hawaii, then will be hitting Broadway to perform in The Elephant Man. Cooper is also set to produce and star in American Sniper, but now that director Steven Spielberg has left the project, Warner Bros. and Cooper are trying to figure what to do with the film.

Cooper will next be seen in American Hustle and Serena later this year.


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