‘Tron: Legacy’ Director in Talks for ‘The Twilight Zone’ Reboot Movie

By Will Ashton


Up-and-coming director Joesph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy, Oblivion) has a couple projects in various development right now, including another Tron sequel and a remake of The Black Hole for Disney.

But apparently he’s got enough time to bring The Twilight Zone back into the general public’s interest, as Warner Bros. has signed him on direct their reboot of the classic show.

The Hollywood Reporter gathered the news. The project has been one that the studio has been developing for a couple years, with various screenwriters and directors attached the project. It appears, though, that the film is now being redeveloped for Kosinski from whatever it was before.

At this time, no definitive reports have been made as to what structure or stories are going to told, used or taken for this film. It could be an anthology film, like the 1983 one was, or it could be a single story. It could even be original stories not taken from any of the shows.

While I haven’t seen Oblivion yet, Tron: Legacy gave me the impression that Kosinski could do wonders if he had a good script. We’ll have to see what he’s given with this new Twilight Zone movie.


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