Writer Elemore Leonard Dies at 87

By Will Ashton


Elmore Leonard, the author that wrote the books inspiring films and TV shows like Get Shorty, Jackie Brown, Out of Sight and the FX show Justified, has died today. He was 87.

Leonard was recovering in a Detroit-based hospital over the past month after having a stroke. Complications from the stroke lead to his death earlier today, according to Variety. Gregg Sutter, Leonard’s long-time researcher, told the Detroit News today that Leonard died in his home, with family and friends surrounding him as he passed.

With over 50 years of experience, both as an author and as a screenwriter, Leonard’s unique voice has certainly had a legacy on Hollywood today. He will be missed deeply.

Leonard’s novel The Switch, a prequel to Jackie Brown, is the next adaptation to hit the screen, as it is set to close the TIFF film festival next month, under the title Life of Crime. Additionally, there will be another season of Justified coming soon, along with an adaptation of his short story, “When Woman Come Out to Dance” for TV as The Arrangement sometime in the near future. While he may be gone, Hollywood will continue to be inspired by his words.


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