Now Clint Eastwood May Direct Bradley Cooper in ‘American Sniper’

By Will Ashton


Steven Spielberg was setting up his next directorial project to be American Sniper, produced by and starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, a Texas Navy SEAL who holds the record for highest number of sniper kills for an American solider.

But earlier this month both Spielberg and DreamWorks dropped out of the project, leaving Cooper and Warner Bros. searching for a quick replacement for the project. But they may have just found one, as another veteran director, Clint Eastwood, could be taking his spot.

According to Twitch, Eastwood is being sought for the project based on the long history he and Warner Bros. have together. Currently, the director is working on adapting the Broadway musical Jersey Boys to the screen. He was also planning to direct a remake of A Star is Born, but when star Beyonce Knowles dropped the film, the future of the project grew uncertain. Should he accept the project, it’s not certain whether he would make Jersey Boys first, then American Sniper, or just move directly to making American Sniper.

If Cooper has to wait, though, I’m sure he won’t mind too much, since the star is quite busy these next couple months making an untitled Cameron Crowe movie in Hawaii this fall, followed by hitting Broadway in the spring to perform in The Elephant Man. He also just recently got involved producing and possibly starring in Jay Roach’s Lance Armstrong movie Red Blooded American.


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