Scott Cooper Replaces Ben Affleck to Write/Direct Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

By Will Ashton


While the Internet continues to talk about/lose their minds over the news that Ben Affleck is the new Batman, another Affleck story comes to light.

Among the projects that Affleck was working on as a writer/director was an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Stand. He was attempting to develop the project for a number of years, yet very little progress was made with the film. Now, it has been revealed that Affleck is stepping down, and that another actor/director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, the upcoming Out of the Furnace) will be taking his spot.

In addition to Batman vs. Superman, Affleck is set to star in David Fincher’s Gone Girl and also write and direct Live By Night, which, according to the Hollywood Reporter, he will make before he dawns the cape next summer. With Warner Bros. losing their rights to the property rather soon, Warner Bros. doesn’t want to wait for Affleck to make the film in his sweet time.

With Cooper rewriting the script, there is no word on who will be cast in the film or when it is set to come out, but the wait for this adaptation should be less than the one there was for Affleck’s.

The Stand has previously been turned into a mini-series back in 1994. It follows a plague-ridden world where a group of survivors making an effort to stand up to the dangers that face them.


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