‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Trailer, Will Matthew McConaughey Be Getting an Oscar This Year?

By Will Ashton


After being a comedic high point for a number of years, actor Matthew McConaughey has been on a roll of great performances these past two years, beginning with The Lincoln Lawyer, and continuing through Bernie, Magic Mike, Killer Joe and this year’s Mud.

While Oscar talk was brought about during Magic Mike‘s release, no award recognition has been given to the actor thus far for his string of strong performances. But that may be changing this year, as he already has Mud gathering rave reviews and will have Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street due out later this year. But the one that may be finally getting him attention, however, may be Dallas Buyers Club.

Telling the story of Ron Woodroof, who, in 1986 was diagnosed H.I.V.-positive, the actor lost 38 pounds for the role, and, based on the trailer, seems to be giving a stand out performance for his resume. Also standing out is Jared Leto, who is almost unrecognizable here 30 pounds lighter and in drag, playing a transvestite named Rayon who helps Ron throughout his journey.

Their performances look to be the highlights of a film that, based on the trailer, may be a bit too heavy-handed for its own good. But I’m still very excited for this film, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see McConaughey or Leto gathering some awards for their performance later this year.

Dallas Buyers Club is set to come out on November 1.

Check out the trailer below:


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