‘American Psycho’ is Getting a Sequel Series on FX

By Will Ashton


Much like Fargo, the world of American Psycho is going to live on on the small screen, as it has just been announced that FX is going to produce a sequel series for the cult-favorite 2000 film.

Deadline reports that the show will follow Patrick Bateman, the main character of the first film, in present day and in his 50s as he’s trying to find a protege that is just as crazy as he is. Stefan Jaworski is writing and executive producing. Also executive producing are Allison Shearmur and Ed Pressman.

It’s safe to say that this version will not feature Christian Bale reprising his iconic role, which makes me wonder what the point in making this is?

In addition to the series, there is also a stage musical version in development, along with a possible remake and maybe even a sequel. There’s also that direct-to-DVD sequel that came out years ago with Mila Kunis. I didn’t know there was all that much to say about Patrick Bateman, but I guess there is.


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