‘Grudge Match’ Trailer, Robert De Niro vs. Sylvester Stallone

By Will Ashton


Not too long ago, Sylvester Stallone played a retired boxer who decides to go back in the ring in Rocky Balboa. Now, it looks like he’s doing it again, only this time, it’s not as Rocky and he’s fighting Robert De Niro. Warner Bros. has just released the first trailer for Grudge Match.

With this trailer, I’m somewhere down the middle. I’m not hating anything I see here (and I didn’t cringe once!), but I’m not really laughing all that much either. There are some very obvious Rocky (and maybe Raging Bull?) jokes, and, of course, age jokes, here, but it looks like the chemistry between Stallone and De Niro is actually pretty good. I’m still not sure what people see in Kevin Hart, but whatever.

Beyond the creepy young CGI Stallone (see you in my nightmares!), I’m not completely hating anything about this so far. I don’t going to say it looks good, but it looks like it could be passable, if it can get away from some of its red flags (uneven tone, bad age jokes).

Grudge Match is set to hit theaters on Christmas day.

Check out the trailer below:


One thought on “‘Grudge Match’ Trailer, Robert De Niro vs. Sylvester Stallone

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