Box Office: ‘Insidious: Chapter Two’ Scares Up Big Bucks on Friday the 13th Weekend

By Will Ashton


To no one’s surprise, Insidious: Chapter Two took the number one spot at the box office this weekend, earning a solid $41.05 million.

The horror sequel was able to become the highest Friday the 13th single-day horror opening ever this Friday. Additionally, the film was to rank as one of the top openings ever in the supernatural horror genre. Considering the impressive numbers that director James Wan was able to pull in with The Conjuring this summer, this is definitely a good year for the horror filmmaker.

Also opening in weekend was Luc Besson’s The Family, which opened in second place this weekend with $14.5 million. This was pretty much what was expected.

Last week’s winner, Riddick, came in third place this weekend with a mere $7 million, bringing its total domestic gross to $31.27 million. With a budget of $38 million, perhaps the sci-fi film doesn’t really have to be concerned. But I’m sure that they would like to be making some more dough right now.

Additionally, after coming in fourth place and earning $5.5 million, The Butler was able to cross the $100 million mark over the weekend.

Opening next week are Prisoners and Battle of the Year, along with Enough Said and Thanks for Sharing in limited release. It’s possible that Battle of the Year will be number one, but I’m predicting that Insidious: Chapter Two is going to be returning to its spot. We’ll have to see.

Check out the full box office below:

1.  Insidious Chapter Two $41,050,000 $41.05
2.  The Family $14,500,000 $14.5
3.  Riddick $7,000,000 $31.27
4.  Lee Daniels’ The Butler $5,580,000 $100
5.  We’re The Millers $5,415,000 $131.6
6.  Instructions Not Included $4,250,000 $26.5
7.  Planes $3,066,000 $82.9
8.  One Direction: This Is Us $2,400,000 $26.8
9.  Elysium $2,050,000 $88.3
10.  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $1,825,000 $62

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