‘Mad Men’ Final Season Will Be Broken in Two

By Will Ashton


Just like its AMC neighbor, Breaking Bad, the final season of Mad Men will be airing in two separate parts.

Variety reports revealed that the final season of the show, its seventh, will be airing in, what they call, “seven and seven.” Originally set to be 13 episodes, this season, now 14, will be beginning airing its first seven episodes in spring 2014, then follow up with the final seven episodes in spring 2015. They are calling the first half “The Beginning” and the second “The End of an Era.”

“This approach has worked well for many programs across multiple networks, and, most recently for us with Breaking Bad which attracted nearly double the number of viewers to its second half premiere than had watched any previous episode,” Charlie Collier, the president of AMC, said.

With Breaking Bad ending at the end of this month, and the recent cancellation of The Killing, it appears that AMC is trying their best to keep their good fortunes going. They currently have spinoffs of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead in the works as well.


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