Adam Sandler Joins Director Thomas McCarthy’s ‘The Cobbler’

By Will Ashton


After making some of the worst comedies of the past couple years, it appears that Adam Sandler is ready to get serious once again. A couple weeks ago, rumors began being spread that the actor would be joining director Jason Reitman’s next movie, Men, Women and Children, and now, he has joined director Thomas McCarthy’s (The Station Agent, The Visitor, Win Win) next movie, The Cobbler.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the film is set in modern day, and will center on “a shoe man who has the ability to metaphysically step into the lives of the people whose shoes he repairs.” McCarthy will be writing the film, as he did his last three movies, and the movie will be produced by Mary Jane Skalski.

The budget of the movie is estimated to be around $10 million.

Originally, McCarthy was going to make Spotlight, the story of the Boston Globe’s efforts to expose child abuse within the Catholic Church, his next project. But it appears that the movie is having some scheduling problems, as it is looking for a new studio after DreamWorks left the film. Spotlight is not expected to start shooting until late next year, so McCarthy is planning to make The Cobbler now in the meantime.

Sandler is expected to shoot The Cobbler before he has to work on Men, Women and Children. The Jason Reitman-movie is looking to shoot this November.

Multiple times, Sandler has proven that, when he actually wants to try, he can give a good performance. He was great in Punch-Drunk Love (which remains one of my favorite movies) and in the little-seen Reign Over Me. Hopefully, he’ll be able to provide two more great performances with these two movies. This sounds like a very promising idea for a movie, plus it has one of my favorite up-and-coming directors in Hollywood. Hopefully, they’ll produce a good film.

Sandler was last seen this summer in Grown Ups 2. He is currently shooting The Familymoon, which is set to be released in May 2014.


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