‘Breaking Bad’ Episode Review: ‘Granite State’

By Will Ashton


Spoilers for Breaking Bad, obviously.

Last week was a hard act to follow. While some may consider this week’s episode to be a disappointment simply because it didn’t live up to last week’s potential, in true Breaking Bad, everything about this episode was a lead-up to what was to come. And we all know what is coming: the final episode.

Further developing what was established in last week’s episode, Walt has finally hit his low. He no longer has his family or their support, and now, when he needs them the most, they are all completely gone from his life. Similarly, Jessie is continually being put through the ringer. He is under the control of the neo-Nazis, and, in particular, Todd, who may very well be the creepiest character in the show’s history.

While many felt cheated by this episode, I felt it added a lot of depth into what is set to come. More so than “Rabid Dog,” this episode was here to make sure we were prepared for what is set to come. The thing is, though, that we don’t know what is going to come exactly. We know, simply from the show’s flash-forward, that Walt is coming back, M16 in hand, and he’s after somebody, or somebodies. We also know that he is getting the ricin for somebody. But is it for Jessie? For Lydia? For Grey Matters? For himself?

What I appreciated the most about this episode is that, after such an action-packed episode last week, Breaking Bad was able to take itself back a few nobs. While it may seem a little dissatisfying at first, in the long run, I think that this is ultimately going to be for the better. Since last week is, indeed, going to be the last episode of the show ever (tear), it is ultimately now that things are finally going to come to a close. By allowing itself to take itself back a bit, we are going to enjoy the final moments more and more. As we make our way in the last episode, we can only hope that they are going to stick the landing once and for all. It’s hard to believe that, after all this, that it is going to mess up the very last episode, but anything is possible. We’ll just have to see.


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