Box Office: ‘Gravity’ Pulls in Number One Spot

By Will Ashton


The best film that I have seen so far this year, Gravity, came out this weekend, and, thankfully, audience members showed up to see it. The space film pulled in $55.5 million in opening weekend.

After earning $17.5 million on Friday, things were looking good for the film, and now, it is officially the best opening for an October movie ever. It beat the original holder, Paranormal Activity 3, by about 3 million.

There was also Runner Runner out this weekend, but audience members were not as kind to that film. Opening in third, the film was only able to earn $7.6 million. It did better overseas though, as the thriller brought in $23.5 million.

Also, off of the unexpected success of Instructions Not Included, Lionsgate was able to find success releasing another Spanish-language film into theaters. Pulling Strings opened in ninth place this weekend earning $2.5 million in just 387 locations.

Coming out next weekend are Captain Phillips and Machete Kills. Both rather adult fare, so it should be interesting to see how they are able to do with Gravity. We’ll have to see next week.

Check out the full box office below:

1.  Gravity $55,550,000 $55.5
2.  Cloudy with a Chance 2 $21,500,000 $61.5
3.  Runner Runner $7,600,000 $7.6
4.  Prisoners $5,700,000 $47.8
5.  Rush $4,408,000 $18
6.  Don Jon $4,160,000 $16
7.  Baggage Claim $4,125,000 $15.1
8.  Insidious Chapter 2 $3,876,000 $74.7
9.  Pulling Strings $2,500,000 $2.5
10.  Enough Said $2,150,000 $5.13

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