‘Captain America: The Winter Solider’ Trailer

By Will Ashton


As one Avenger, Thor, has his sequel Thor: The Dark World roaming into theaters on November 8, another, Captain America, gets the first trailer out for his.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Captain America: The Winter Solider sees the patriotic hero returning to the big screen, this time fighting the title villain. Based on the footage here, it looks like it may be a return to form for the Marvel. Not that their films have been bad, but they all have been lacking a sense of style. It was my major complaint with Iron Man 3, and I have heard that it is an issue in the Thor sequel as well. Thankfully, this trailer looks appropriately dark, moody and full of spectacle and stakes.

All in all, this is actually looking pretty awesome, and now I’m officially excited for the sequel. Captain America: The Winter Solider is set to hit theaters on April 4, 2014.

Check out the trailer below:


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