Box Office: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Hammers in Some Big Dollars

By Will Ashton


To no one’s surprise, Thor: The Dark World was the number one movie at the box office this weekend. Although the God didn’t quite pull in as big of numbers as some originally predicted.

The sequel made $86.1 million over the weekend, which is a 31% improvement over what the original made in 2011 and makes it the fourth highest opening of the year, but is no where near what The Avengers made last year or what Iron Man 3 pulled in earlier this year. The film has already earned $240 million overseas in a little over a week, so I don’t think the film has anything to really worry about for the time being.

Meanwhile, last week’s number one spot, Ender’s Game, went all the way down to fifth place this weekend with $10 million. That’s a 62% drop, which was likely caused by its target audience running out to see Thor over the weekend. With a domestic total of $44 million so far, the movie may have some trouble pulling in that $110 million budget. Perhaps it’ll make back its money back overseas.

Meanwhile, both Free Birds and Last Vegas surprisingly held up pretty well over the weekend. Free Birds came in third place, actually moving up from opening in fourth place and pulling in $11.1 million. The family animated movie only dropped by 29% and has a domestic total of $38.1 million. Granted, it still has a little more change to make before it pulls in its $55 million budget, but it is getting closer to making back its investment.

Last Vegas, meanwhile, came in fourth place over the weekend, dropping only 32% itself and earning $11.1 million as well. With a budget of only $28 million, its domestic gross of $33.5 million means that the all-star comedy is in the green.

About Time also opened wide this weekend, and came in ninth place with $5.1 million. That gives the romantic comedy $6.6 million in its domestic gross. Also officially going wide this weekend was 12 Years a Slave, opening in 1,144 venues and coming in seventh place with $6.6 million. Meanwhile, opening this weekend was The Book Thief in four locations, earning $108,000.

Coming out next weekend is The Best Man Holiday and, in limited release, Nebraska. So, it should be expected that Thor will continue its reign at the box office. We’ll have to see what it makes next week.

Check out the full box office below:

1.  Thor: The Dark World $86,100,000 $86.1
2.  Bad Grandpa $11,300,000 $78.7
3.  Free Birds $11,180,000 $38.1
4.  Last Vegas $11,100,000 $33.5
5.  Ender’s Game $10,800,000 $44
6.  Gravity $8,405,000 $231.1
7.  12 Years a Slave $6,600,000 $17.3
8.  Captain Phillips $5,800,000 $90.9
9.  About Time $5,172,000 $6.6
10.  Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 $2,800,000 $109.9

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