‘The War of the Roses’ is Getting an Unexpected Sequel

By Will AshtonImage

If your comedy sensibilities are anything like mine, do yourself a favor and check out The War of the Roses. Danny DeVito’s dark comedy is just the right blend of messed up and entertainment, and DeVito’s unique directorial style helps elaborate on the twisted mentality of its characters.

As much as I like the film, even I would not have expected it to get a sequel anytime soon. But, I’d be damned if I put money on it, because it appears that a sequel is brewing in Hollywood.

Deadline reveals that a sequel to the book The War of the Roses-The Children by Warren Adler has just had the rights purchased by Grey Eagle, who now has the film and TV rights to all of Adler’s works. Producing the sequel will be David Permut, Jonathan Adler, and Stephen Greenwald with Chris Mangano executive producing. A screenwriter is being sought at this time.

The film, as the title would suggest, follows the Rose children, Barbara and Oliver, after the events from the first film. Both seem to be having relationship problems, hence where the plot of the film is driven.

According to Permut, the film “will explore, with comedic irony, the underbelly of a troubled family which, in this new scenario has produced a serial adulterer, a gluttonous gourmand, the protective mother-in law and grandchildren who are deeply impacted by the generational dysfunction.”

Sounds promising enough, even if this concept has—more or less—already been done. I don’t know if DeVito will be involved with the project in any way, but it could be interesting if he were to return. Particularly because his presence has been notably absent from the director’s chair, even though he’s actually pretty good at it (Death to Smoochy and Duplex aside).


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