FXX Lands ‘The Simpsons’ in Giant Syndication Deal; Show Will Be Available to Stream for the First Time Ever

By Will Ashton


I have mentioned this in passing several times, but I feel like The Simpsons is coming to its end quite soon. It may not be tomorrow, or even next year, but I would be shocked if The Simpsons is around with new episodes in five years.

Further evidence that this may be the case is that FXX, FX’s new sister channel, has just acquired the syndication rights for all 24 seasons of The Simpsons in a nine-figure deal, marking it the first time the show will ever have reruns on cable television. All 530 episodes of the show are expected to be in heavy rotation by next August. The channel reportedly spent $750 million for the rights for the show.

Vulture reports on this news, and also reveals that the the show, for the first time ever, will be available to stream on demand. FXX subscribers will be able to watch The Simpsons anytime courtesy of the FXNOW mobile app, which is soon-to-be-launched by the network. They revealed that, because of this, the show won’t be coming to Netflix or Hulu anytime soon.

The competition for airing reruns of The Simpsons was pretty fierce, as, until now, reruns of the show only ever aired on local basic cable television and on Fox. It has been reported that the show is now worth more to Fox dead than it does alive, so they seem to be trying ways to see how they should put down their beloved series. Although they did renew the show for a 26 season, I don’t think the show it going to make it beyond 30. We’ll have to see though.


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