Box Office: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ and ‘Frozen’ Break All-Time Thanksgiving Weekend Record

By Will Ashton


Breaking the record that was previously set by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire earned the largest Thanksgiving weekend box office ever with $74.5 million on the three-day weekend and $110.2 million over the five-day holiday week.

Previously the records for both, set by Harry Potter, were $57.4 million and $82.3 million. With this total, the Hunger Games sequel now holds a domestic gross of $296.5 million and over $573 million worldwide. The $74.5 million is also the fourth highest second weekend gross of all-time, behind The Avengers, Avatar and The Dark Knight.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Disney was also celebrating over the weekend, as their newest animated film, Frozen, came in second pulling in the highest Thanksgiving opening weekend ever with $66.7 million. Since Wednesday, the film was able to pull in a massive $92.7 million.

Not as exciting of news are the other opening films this weekend. Homefront opened in fifth place over the weekend, pulling in $6.9 million over the weekend and $9.7 million over its five-day opening.

Also not celebrating as hard is Oldboy, the Spike Lee-remake, which opened in 583 theaters and earned an estimated $850,000 over the weekend and and only $1.25 million in its five-day opening. Ouch.

Also opening was Black Nativity, which came in eighth place over the weekend and earned $3.8 million. The final film opening this weekend was Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, which opened in four theaters with $100, 300.

There will be no new wide releases next weekend, with both Out of the Furnace and Inside Llewyn Davis opening in only four theaters each. Guess that means that I have a little bit of time to catch up on some films that I haven’t gotten to see yet, like Frozen, which may very well take the number one spot next week. It could still be Hunger Games though. We’ll have to see next time.

Check out the full box office below:

3-Day                               5-Day                          Domestic Total

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire                        $74.5 million                  $110.1 million           $296.5 million

2. Frozen                                                                           $66.7 million                 $93 million                $93 million

3. Thor: The Dark World                                              $11. 1 million                 $15.49 million           $186.7 million

4. The Best Man Holiday                                              $8.5 million                   $11.12 million            $63.4 million

5. Homefront                                                                   $6.97 million                 $9.7 million               $9.7 million

6. Delivery Man                                                              $6.93 million                 $9.6 million              $19.4 million

7. The Book Thief                                                            $4.8 million                   $6.4 million               $7.8 million

8. Black Nativity                                                            $3.8 million                    $5 million                  $5 million

9. Philomena                                                                   $3.7 million                    $4.6 million               $4.7 million

10. Last Vegas                                                                 $2.7 million                    $3.8 million               $33.1 million

1.  Catching Fire $74,500,000 $110.1 $296.5 2.  Frozen $66,713,000 $93 $93 3.  Thor: The Dark World $11,108,000 $15.49 $186.7 4.  The Best Man Holiday $8,491,000 $11.12 $63.4 5.  Homefront $6,970,000 $9.7 $9.7 6.  Delivery Man $6,931,000 $9.6 $19.4 7.  The Book Thief $4,850,000 $6.4 $7.8 8.  Black Nativity $3,880,000 $5 $5 9.  Philomena $3,789,000 $4.6 $4.7 10.  Last Vegas $2,785,000 $3.8 $33.1

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