‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer

By Will Ashton


If there is one thing you can say about fans of the TV show Veronica Mars, it’s that they are dedicated.

Word of a film continuation of the TV series Veronica Mars has been swimming around since the show left the air in 2007, but it seemed unlikely that the movie would ever take off as the years went on. That is, until a last ditch effort, a Kickstarter campaign, actually proved fruitful. So, now, fans of the TV show have got a movie spin-off, also called Veronica Mars, heading into theaters on March 14th and the first trailer can be seen for it below.

Having never seen more than 15 minutes of the show, I can’t be the best judge of this trailer. It seems to be playing heavily to its fans, so there’s hardly anything for me to really connect to here. Hopefully fans find something good here. After all, it’s there money being spent.

Check it out below:


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