Box Office: ‘Lone Survivor’ is the Second Highest January Opening Weekend Ever

By Will Ashton


Opening in wide release over the weekend was Lone Survivor, which took the number one spot with $38.5 million, making it the second highest January opening ever.

The film falls behind Cloverfield, which opened with $40 million in 2008. The film was able to double its $19 million projections and have a solid opening for Universal Studios.

Meanwhile, not having as solid of an opening weekend was The Legend of Hercules, which came in fourth with only $8.6 million, which is actually a tie with American Hustle. Based on the terrible reviews the movie has gotten, I can’t feel too sorry for it.

But sadly not even cracking the top ten in its wide release was Her, which only brought in $5.4 million. Considering that its my second favorite movie of 2013, I am sorry to hear that it isn’t doing well.

Next weekend is a bigger one than usual, with Devil’s Due, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Ride Along and The Nut Job all coming out. I would predict that Jack Ryan will take the number one spot, but I’ll have to see next time.

Check out the box office below:

Weekend:                   Domestic total:

1. Lone Survivor                 $38.5 million               $38.8 million

2. Frozen                            $15 million                  $317.6 million

3. The Wolf of Wall Street  $9 million                    $78.5 million

4. The Legend of Hercules $8.6 million                $8.6 million

5. American Hustle             $8.6 million                $101.5 million

6. The Hobbit                      $8 million                  $242.2 million

7. August: Osage County   $7.3 million                $7.8 million

8. Saving Mr. Banks           $6.5 million                 $68.9 million

9. Paranormal Activity        $6.3 million                $28.4 million

10. Anchorman 2               $6.1 million                 $118.5 million


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