Box Office: ‘Ride Along’ Sets New Martin Luther King Day Weekend Record

By Will Ashton

Ride Along

I always wonder why Hollywood would never let the buddy cop formula die, and I think the reason is because even uninspired ones like Ride Along are still able to make a new record with $41.2 million.

Breaking the $40 million record from Cloverfield, the film is now the highest January opening weekend ever. With a budget of only $25 million, it’s safe to say that this one is in the clear. I guess that sequel is going to happen after all.

Meanwhile, the other debuts of the weekend didn’t come in as strong. The Nut Job opened in third this weekend with $20.5 million. Meanwhile, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit came in fourth with $17.2 million — which, given its $60 million budget, has a little ways to go to make back its money.

Also opening this weekend was Devil’s Due.  That came in seventh place with $8.5 million. Though, considering the budget on that one was only $7 million, I doubt the studio is that worried.

Last week’s number one, meanwhile, Lone Survivor, came in second this weekend with a respectable $23.2 million, making its domestic total $74 million thus far.

Next week sees the releases of I, Frankenstein and Gimme Shelter. Let’s see what’s number one this time next week.

Check out the full box office below:

Weekend:                        Domestic Total:

1. Ride Along                                    $41.2 million                    $41.2 million

2. Lone Survivor                                $23.2 million                    $74 million

3. The Nut Job                                  $20.5 million                     $20.5 million

4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit          $17.2 million                     $17.2 million

5. Frozen                                           $11.9 million                     $332.6 million

6. American Hustle                           $10.6 million                     $116.4 million

7. Devil’s Due                                   $8.5 million                       $8.5 million

8. August: Osage County                 $7.59 million                     $18.1 million

9. The Wolf of Wall Street                 $7.5 million                       $90.2 million

10. Saving Mr. Banks                        $4.1 million                       $75.3 million


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