Box Office: ‘Ride Along’ Is Number One for the Third Weekend in a Row Over ‘That Awkward Moment’

By Will Ashton

Ride Along

You know that awkward moment when your new movie with Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan gets toppled over by remaining champion Ride Along? Well, the filmmakers of That Awkward Moment sure do, because that’s what happened this weekend.

….Yeah, yeah….that was as weird for me as it was for you. But I’m trying something different, ya know.

With $12.3 million, the buddy cop movie took over the Super Bowl weekend. With a domestic total gross now of $92.9 million, it looks like that sequel that was green-lit moments ago was worth it after all.

Meanwhile, the later film came in third place this weekend with only $9 million, falling behind Frozen in second — which earned $9.3 million. With a budget of only $8 million, though, it looks like the studio is already in the clear. So there are probably no worries.

But what may be worrying a bit this weekend is Labor Day, which had its wide release over the weekend but only came in seventh place with $5.3 million. With a budget of $18 million, it’s entirely possible this film will make its investment back, but it doesn’t seem like a home run for the normally dependable Jason Reitman. Considering the film is below his usual standards, though, it doesn’t seem like much of a surprise.

In other news, American Hustle, coming in eighth place over the weekend with $4.3 million, became co-writer/director David O. Russell’s highest domestic grossing release with $132.9 million, having beat out Silver Linings Playbook‘s $132 million.

Next week sees The Lego Movie, Vampire Academy and The Monuments Men coming out in wide release, and Nurse 3-D in limited, I think. I would bet The Lego Movie is finally going to take Ride Along‘s thunder. But, of course, we’ll have to find out next time.

Check out the full box office below:

Weekend:                  Domestic total:

1. Ride Along                                    $12.3 million              $92.9 million

2. Frozen                                           $9.3 million                $360 million

3. That Awkward Moment                 $9 million                   $9 million

4. The Nut Job                                  $7.6 million                $50.2 million

5. Lone Survivor                                $7.1 million                $104 million

6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit          $5.4 million                $38.9 million

7. Labor Day                                      $5.3 million                $7.2 million

8. American Hustle                            $4.3 million                $132.9 million

9. The Wolf of Wall Street                  $3.55 million              $104 million

10. I, Frankenstein                             $3.52 million              $14.4 million                            


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