James Franco to Direct Movie About the Making of ‘The Room’

By Will Ashton


A book I started but, unfortunately, didn’t get around to finishing this winter was The Disaster Artist, centered around the making of the infamously bad movie The Room.It was an entertaining read, to be sure, with a lot of unexpected heart sown into its biting comedy. So, naturally, I can see it being made into a film.

But of the various people to make that film, the one I would perhaps least expect to make it would be none other than James Franco. But sure enough, it appears the multi-talented actor/writer/director/producer/general superstar has bought the rights to the book, with plans on directing and, potentially, staring in the film with his brother, Dave.

According to The Playlist, via Deadline, the film will also be produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

In his review of the book for Vice, Franco said the following, which made help understand why he decided to make this project:

“The book reads like the combination of two Paul Thomas Anderson film scripts: Boogie Nights in its focus on a group of optimistic outsiders trying to be artistic with a project that defies all artistic pretentions, and The Master with its arrangement around a bizarre mentor-pupil relationship.  The other references that come to mind, and they are mostly film references because it is a book about film and the film industry, are Sunset Boulevard, with the masterful way it takes on Hollywood as a vehicle to talk about the blurred line between reality and performance, and The Talented Mr. Ripley,the Anthony Mingella film (as well as the Patricia Highsmith book) in the way that Tom Ripley transforms himself, or attempts to transform himself, in order to infiltrate a social world that he would otherwise be locked out of.”

But moreover, it appears Franco also appreciates how the book gives insight into how people try to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Personally, I wasn’t expecting any of these people to come together for this material, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they make. If anything, it’ll certainly be an interesting watch. The biggest question I have, however, is this: Who in the hell are they going to cast as Tommy Wiseau?


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