Box Office: ‘The Lego Movie’ Assembles Second Highest February Box Office Ever

By Will Ashton


Boasting an already successful toy line and great reviews, everyone knew The Lego Movie was going to be bringing in the dough this weekend. But I don’t think anyone was expecting it to make $69.1 million, making it the second highest February debut ever. Or maybe that was just me. I don’t know.

Falling behind The Passion of the Christ, which made $83.8 million during its opening, the movie was still able to pull in more than $20 million than its tracking. With a budget of only $60 million, the movie is already in the clear. Bring on The Lego Movie 2.

Also doing better than expected was George Clooney’s The Monuments Men, which drew in $22.7 million over the weekend. A solid opening for the flick, though whether or not it can make back its $70 million budget is still a mystery.

Not doing as well was the other film that opened this weekend Vampire Academy, which I don’t think actually had all that many advertisements to begin with. No matter, the supernatural film only made $4.1 million, coming in at seventh place. I don’t know the budget for this one, but I’m sure it was quite a bit more than that.

Next weekend, for Valentine’s Day, sees the releases of Endless Love, About Last Night, Winter’s Tale and Robocop on Wednesday. I predict The Lego Movie to take it again, or, perhaps, About Last Night. We’ll see.

Check out the full box office below:

Weekend:                                          Domestic Total:

1. The Lego Movie                           $69.1 million                                     $69.1 million

2. The Monuments Men                   $22.7 million                                     $22.7 million

3. Ride Along                                    $9.3 million                                       $105.1 million

4. Frozen                                           $6.9 million                                       $368.6 million

5. That Awkward Moment                 $5.5 million                                       $16.8 million

6. Lone Survivor                                $5.3 million                                       $112.5 million

7. Vampire Academy                         $4.1 million                                       $4.1 million

8. The Nut Job                                   $3.8 million                                       $55 million

9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit           $3.6 million                                       $44.4 million

10. Labor Day                                     $3.2 million                                       $10.1 million

1. The


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